Blackhawks win Senior A “JP Oliphant Trophy” 2017

The Blackhawks and Jets went head to head in the best of three grand final series. This year with IHV reshuffling the grades making Reserves a non-checking division there was much more even competition throughout the season. This finals series was no exception with both clubs winning one game each and forcing a game three decider.

In one of the closest games of the season, the Blackhawks were one goal up with 29 seconds to go. With an empty net on the Jets side, a shot was missed by the Hawks only to hit the post and aggressively bounce up the ice. The Jets picked up the puck and came down to score with only 17 seconds left in regular time.

The Blackhawks secured the win in overtime with Stephen Nesbitt intercepting a wayward pass by the Jets and scoring top right corner.