New Playing Uniform

Towards the end of the 2017 winter season, the club, after a long process, introduced the first phase of a new playing uniform.

Designed by members of the club with links to our past, we joined forces with Rematch Athletic Supply ( to dress our players in a state of the art playing jersey.

Complimented by many who saw it upon the release, the jersey, while similar in manufacturing style to other clubs also bears the IHV trademark logo to link the club to its parent and to also give the jersey an additional brand.  Being one of the oldest clubs within IHV, in this our 70th season we are also embracing the future, with our modern Hawk mascot.

Our talented team of designers have also created a number of secondary logos to support the main mascot that are featured in patches on the jersey.  These patches acknowledge our 70th season and the will also feature in merchandise we are looking to produce.

The second phase of the playing uniform will be introduced next season when we include cover shorts for our players which will also feature the logo of one of our major sponsors, Bad Shepherd Brewing Company ( Produced by Warrior Hockey, these cover shorts will add to the look of our game uniform and raise our profile further.

Just a reminder of some of our past playing uniforms.



47 A Premiers

1969 – Club pic (Senior A & Reserve Grade)


1984 – A Grade Champions

84 A Premiers A

2002 – Premier A Champions

2002 - Prem A


2012 – Premier C2

2012 - C2

2017 – Senior A Champions

2017 - Senior A