2016 IHV Draft Results

Led by our Club President along with our Prem A and Prem C1s coaches, the Blackhawks had a great result from tonight’s 2016 IHV draft.

The Blackhawks Ice Hockey Club are very proud and would like to welcome the following players to our club.

Taylor Luck
Timothy Breedveld
Corey Singh
Marc Bortolotto
& Christiaan Van der Craats

Josh Velez
Justin Meyers
Cam Mauchan (G)
Alex Pilon
Dan Markham
& Nicholas Sellars

Nicole Rjasanow
Peter Frank

Lastly, as you may have read from our President’s email, with some wheel n’ Dealing, we are very excited in also being successful in landing a star recruit Steve Carota in a trade from the Sharks prior to the non checking draft.

Welcome aboard all and can’t wait to see you on the ice.

Stay tuned for upcoming news of our pre-season training times.