Andy McDowell Cup 2016

This past weekend, a team made up of old Blackhawks took on teams of Demons and Pirates old timers in a mini tournament for the McDowell Cup.

A hybrid format where the teams played each other in a sort of round robin, over two periods of 25 minutes each, saw the Hawks take the crown for the second year in a row.

Facing the Demons first off, the Hawks trailed 3-1 at the end of the period.  Facing a more physical Pirates, the Hawks took a 5-0 lead into the break.

The second period against the Demons took on a whole new meaning after some inspirational words and encouragement from Gumper who was running the bench.  The spark was incredible as the Hawks got a jump and finished with a score of 5-3.

A win over the Pirates would secure the Big Mac Trophy and with an early jump, the Hawks weren’t headed.  The final score being 10-1.

A great day of hockey has to finished off with a few celebratory beers and of course stories of how good we were in the past – which is of course how the night finished up.  Plenty of laughs and talk of going for the 3-peat next year.

The club would like to thank everyone involved particularly Jimmy Camilleri, the Demons and the Pirates.
Andy McDowell Cup 2016
Back Row: Simon McDowell, Brad Cunningham, Mark Tozer, Alan Robins, Jonathan Cornford, Gary Croft , Gary Gladwell, Paul O’Donnell, Jamie Adams

Front Row: Peter South, Adam McGuinness, Dean Marcon, Jody Friend, Glenn Grandy (Life Member)

Absent: John Sutton

Simon McDowell (13 seasons – 177 games) (Current – Chiefs Summer League)
Brad Cunningham (Life Member) (Captained A Grade) (28 seasons – 533 games) (Current – Nite Owls)
Mark Tozer (13 seasons – 190 games) (Current – Chiefs Summer League)
Alan Robins (Seasons N/K – 261 games) (Current – Nite Owls)
Jonathan Cornford (former junior player) ((Current – Sharks Summer League affiliate)
Gary Croft (Life Member) (Captained A Grade) (26 seasons – 521 games) (Current Marauders)
Gary Gladwell (Captained A Grade) (Seasons N/K – 323 games) (Current – Nite Owls)
Paul O’Donnell (Seasons N/K – 173 games) (Current – Chiefs Summer League)
Jamie Adams (Captained A Grade) (19 season – 408 games) (Current – Chiefs Summer League)
Peter South (Life Member) (28 seasons – 606 games) (Current – Nite Owls)
Adam McGuinness (Seasons N/K 42 games) (Current – Nite Owls)
Dean Marcon (13 seasons – 277 games) (Current Sharks winter)
Jody Friend (16 seasons – 409 games) (Current Recreational)
Glenn Grandy  (Life Member) (Captained A Grade) (39 seasons – 720 games) (Current Blackhawks winter)
John Sutton (Captained A Grade) (Seasons N/K – 273 games) (Current – Chiefs Summer League)
Andrew McDowell (Seasons N/K – 116 games)