Urgent reply required from Club Members



At this week’s IHV meeting, the delegates were presented with a proposed change to the way the games will be scheduled across the coming season.  It has not been approved at this time but we will be asked to state our club’s position on Tuesday 17 Feb.

The proposal is this:

– All senior grades (A, B, C1 & C2) increase from 15 games to 20 games. (Last year each grade had 15 games and 12 practices. This schedule proposes 20 games and 9 practices).
– Consistency of practice and game days. Each grade will play and practice on a consistent day throughout the season.
–       Prem A play Friday – practice with Reserves Wednesday
–       Reserves play Monday (only Icehouse) – practice as above
–       C1 play Tuesday night (only Oakleigh) – practice with C2 Thursday
–       C2 play Wednesday night (only Oakleigh) – practice as above

There was further discussion about trying to adjust the schedule so that on occasion the A & Reserves would play the same night and the C1 & C2 would play the same night.

There was also some discussion about trying to get a quantity of the C1 & C2 games to the Icehouse.  This would also mean that the Reserves would then play a quantity of games at Oakleigh on either a Tuesday or Wednesday.

The weekend time slots have been allocated at this time to the junior competitions.

Without trying to over-complicate the discussion with the different discussions that have already taken place, we need to know the feeling of ALL members about this proposed change.

Please reply to me personally on grandy16 AT bigpond DOT com

You can state your opinion if you like.

Our club’s position will then be voiced to IHV on the majority reply.  If you don’t reply then we will assume that you do not have an opinion on it or you will support the club either way.
We have a club meeting on Monday night where this issue will be discussed.  If you would like to attend the meeting as an observed, please let me know.


Glenn Grandy
Blackhawks IHC