Andy McDowell Cup 2015

On Saturday the 7th of February, IHV is hosting a mini 3-team tournament featuring players (mostly) from a past era.

The tournament is an lighting premiership style, Round Robin format, featuring the Blackhawks, Demons and Pirates, with players from the 80’s and earlier eligible to play.

Previously this tournament has only featured the Pirates and Demons and they have played for the Andrew McDowell Trophy. As we are a club with significant history, we have been invited to also compete.

While some of the players will be foreign to many current club members, we are hoping to feature some great club names in CROFT, CUNNINGHAM, GLADWELL, SOUTH, KEYSER, WOOD, SUTTON, ROBINS, BIRTLES, TOZER, COURTNEY, LYNCH, McDOWELL x 2, MADDEN, GRANDY as well as a few others. The final list isn’t in as yet but regardless it should be a fun evening.

The tournament runs from 4pm to 7pm, then a presentation will be held at the Harbourtown Hotel.

Come along to get the feel for the new season and cheer on some old Hawks, then have a beer to reaquaint.